JMA Benelux is a benchmark for home textiles production, specialized in quality terry cloth. Since May, 2011 a member of MoreTextile Group, the largest home textiles producer group in Europe, JMA Benelux holds the mission of being the best European terry cloth producer. To that end it combines a high know-how, both in production and design, with excellence in the customer service.

In the factory in S. Martinho do Campo, JMA applies the most advanced textile fabric technology to carefully selected raw materials. Its activity covers the entire production process, from weaving to confection, dyeing, printing and finishing.

Through the global location of agents and affiliated companies, JMA Benelux provides a professional client service recognized by the best brands all over the world. A trust gained both through its own brands (Elias and Jorzolino) as by private label products tailored to match the needs of each client.



Founded in 1958 in S. Martinho do Campo, in the center of the Portuguese textile industry, JMA began producing terry cloth. JMA products reach all continents through subsidiary companies in Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Spain.
JMA offers a wide variety of collections, mostly ready to be shipped from our distribution center in Portugal. In addition we produce and distribute private label collections for a large number of retailers in Europe.